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  • How do I book an appointment?
    It's really easy. Just click "Appointment", then fill out the appointment form.
  • How much do your tattoos cost?
    All appointments require a non-refundable deposit of $200 that will go towards the full price of your tattoo. However, the price of each tattoo can vary widely, based on the size, coloring, placement, and design complexity. It is recommended that you fill out the appointment form so that I can personally consult with you to determine a price range. This will be a general price range and you will not be billed more than the agreed upon range, unless there are significant changes to the design.
  • Can I get a tattoo if I’m under 18?
    While I value and feel honored that so many people appreciate my art, unfortunately, you must be at least 18 years old or older. If you do have an appointment, you must be able to confirm your age with a Federal or State ID.
  • What if this is my first tattoo?
    I feel incredibly honored and blessed to be considered for so many people’s first tattoos. Tattoos can be an intimate process and incredibly meaningful for some people. I would recommend that you take the time to truly consider what it is you want out of the tattoo. There is no rush. Tattooing is my passion and I will continue to take clients for years to come. The care and happiness of my clients is incredibly important to me and I want to ensure that any tattoo I give can inspire happiness and grow with you. If you are afraid of the pain, a good frame of reference is firmly scratching yourself with your nail to give a rough estimate of what the tattoo will feel like. Of course, certain areas of the body will be more sensitive than others, but I will also be using Bactine, which helps with pain relief, during the appointment. Any concerns can always be brought up before we begin tattooing.
  • What should I expect after filling out an appointment form?
    After forms are submitted, our team works hard to read each and every form to be sure that all inquiries are properly considered. I ask for your patience as we work through the forms and begin assigning appointment slots. Once your request is reviewed, you will be contacted, via email, with a concept proposal, price quote, and availability offerings. If you agree with the quote and time offered, a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure the appointment and will serve as the confirmation that that date and time is reserved for you.
  • How do I prepare for my tattoo appointment?
    Tattooing can be a strenuous process on the body and I always recommend that my clients do the following, in order to be well prepared: 1. Eat a filling, healthy meal before your appointment. 2. I will have drinks available to you, upon request, but please be sure to stay hydrated leading up to your appointment. 2. Get a good night’s rest before your appointment * Please don't take blood thinners * Please don't use numbing creams * Please don't consume alcohol or drugs the day before or the day of your tattoo Certain substances can affect our bodies in ways that make it difficult for the ink to settle in your skin or make the healing process more difficult and/or longer. I want to ensure that the tattooing process is as comfortable and easy for my clients, as can be. So, it’s important to keep in mind all of the above, and rest assured that you’re in good hands :)
  • Do you repeat designs?
    No, each tattoo is a unique piece of art that I design for clients. I feel blessed to be able to hear all your stories and reasons for getting a tattoo. So, each design is made specially for that client. Although if you do have a design in mind already or had one made for you by another artist, I am willing to tattoo it, depending on whether the style fits within my skill set and if you have the permission of the artist.
  • Can I see my design before my appointment?
    Because each design is unique to the client and to protect that integrity, I do not release my final designs before the appointment date. During your appointment, I allow time in the beginning for us to consult on the design. This includes making minor adjustments to the layout of the design, sizing, positioning it on your body, etc. Howerer you will see the draft design if we are having a consultation.
  • How do your tattoos age?
    As a tattoo style, fine line tattoos will generally heal a bit lighter than, say, traditional style tattoos. This is due to the level of ink penetration that is feasible and the amount of needles that are being used. Because of this, when lining, I use three liner needles, which allows for crisp and darker black lines that will generally hold up better over time. For color, I pack the color 3-5 times in one area to ensure that the tattoo is thoroughly saturated and will age well. Beyond the style of tattoo, many factors will contribute to how a tattoo will hold up over time, some of which include how the tattoo was taken care of during the initial healing process, sun exposure, and any new or existing skin conditions. I always recommend that my clients continue to wear sunscreen everyday to prevent the tattoo from fading.
  • How do you recommend the tattoo after care?
    There are numerous resources on how to take care of your tattoo, but I’ll share with you my personal tips: 1. After the session is finished, I wrap all of my tattoos in the second skin, which allows for a breathable, but protective environment for the first few initial days of healing. Wrapping the tattoo will allow you to easily shower and avoid the tattoo from becoming infected. 2. Depending on the size of your tattoo, I recommend keeping the wrap on for 3-5 days. Removing your wrap after a warm shower can help loosen the adhesive. When removing, please be sure to begin from a corner and pull down and along your skin, not up and away from your skin. * Avoid baths, swimming, or activities that involve submerging your tattoo for extended periods of time. * Try not to pick at your tattoo. It is normal to see flaking during the healing process. Picking at your tattoo may disrupt how the ink settles in your skin. * Stay hydrated and be sure to stay well rested while your body is healing. 3. After 2-4 weeks, you should continue to protect the tattoo from sun damage by wearing sunscreen and/or layers. 4. Be sure to continue hydrating your skin with either Hustle Butter, or a similar balm. If at any time you are worried about the healing of your tattoo, please don’t be afraid to share your progress and questions with me. After 4 weeks, I like to check in with my clients to see how their tattoos have healed during the initial healing phase. Don’t worry if a touch-up is needed.
  • Do you tattoo dark skin?
    Yes, I tattoo all the skin tones. Color tattoo on dark may not look sharp and bright, but it has it's own charm.
  • Do you do touch-ups?
    I provide a free touch-up session within a one (1) year period. I enjoy keeping in touch with my clients, in order to track the healing process. So, if you have questions about your tattoo’s healing journey or would like to schedule a touch-up appointment, please reach out to me at
  • Do you have flash tattoo designs?
    Yes, I will design 30 flash tattoos recently. Please check my Instagram @firstjing for updates.
  • How should I make my payments?
    For deposit I take credit cards and Apple pay. The rest of the cost will be collected after our session by cash, credit cards, Apple pay, Venmo or Paypal.
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